Lernzielkatalog SGDV/SSDV - Facharztexamen (Blueprint)

1  Dermatopathology  
2  Acne and other skin adnexal pathology  
3  Allergy, atopy, contact dermatitis and occupational dermatology  
4  Erythematosquamous diseases psoriasis, seborrhoeic dermatitis, pityriasis rubra pilaris  
5  Inflammatory diseases and connective tissue diseases: lupus, lichen, sclérodermie,   dermatomyositis
6  Photodermatology and diseases due to other physical agents
7  Bullous diseases  
8  Diseases with lymphocytic, monocytic, granulocytic, histiocytic, mastocytic infiltration  
9  Drug-related skin diseases  
10  Hereditary diseases of the skin  
11  Paediatric dermatology  
12  Pregnancy and skin  
13  Internal disease , storage diseases  
14  Sexually transmitted infections and HIV  
15  Infectious diseases bacterial, mycobacteria, fungal and infestations  
16  Dermatologic oncology  
17  Proctology, penile, vulvar diseases  
18  Angiology, phlebology and wound healing  
19  Nail and hair disorders  
20  Pigmentary disorders (Dermoscopy)  
21  Laser therapy and corrective, aesthetic and cosmetic dermatology  
22  Dermatologic surgery (see also 17.Dermatologic oncology)  
23  Miscellaneous